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Billiards is a sport that falls into the category of sports which require lots of concentration, so much needed resilience and a true understanding of your own mental and physical abilities. Excellence is also needed in order to be able to perform at high standards.

The sport is played on a special table and with different auxiliary equipment and its own regulations. The game is divided in several types, among which are Carom, English Billiard and Pool. It can be played individually or in teams. Although both use the 6-hole tables, the size of the table between English Billiard and Pool is different.

Previously in Thailand, billiards was synonymous with a sport that was mostly played by men. But today many women have become passionate with the sport. If you’re in the Kingdom of Thailand, consider visiting a pool and billiards sport bar in Bangkok. Hustlers Bangkok ( is the number one venue for pool players.


Nigahiga – I Dare You (ft Smosh) Recap of Ryan Higa, Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox

Ian Hecox smashing Greg, from Ryan Higa’s Nigahiga YouTube channel, with a loaf of bread!

Oh, wow, is this a great I Dare You from Ryan Higa.  This one is called I Dare You (ft Smosh) is about 17 minutes long and was posted on April 30, 2015.  Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox come in from Smosh to add a bit more personality – and SEO rankings – to the show.

The way the game works is that readers submit dares for HigaTV’s team, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They must do the dare or face dangerous consequences of choosing a dare out of ones that his friends put together.

Each dare completed gets arbitrary points from the others and points accumulate over several rounds.

First up is Ryan Higa!  His dare is just sheer pain – touch a hot iron!  Are you insane??  With Red Bull by his side, this young Youtuber pumps himself up while his friends make sure the hotel’s iron is red hot.  Needless to say, I’m sure it hurt but not worth the measly 1.5 points.

Anthony Padilla goes next and he’s dared to tape his hand to the person on his left…which happens to be one of Ryan’s crew, Will.  Fortunately, for this half of Smosh he avoids the weird man-to-man hand holding by going backhand to backhand.  Thinking on their feet!

The one thing I want to know is why they have duct tape in a hotel room.  I believe one too many movies either begin or end with duct tape in a hotel room…but I digress.

Honestly, this really isn’t a big deal dare and is easily worth the 3 points they each got.

With the next dare, the aforementioned Ryan Higa crew dude, Will, is given the duty of licking a doorknob.  Instead of just licking, he goes deep and fish hooks the darn thing.  With the set being in a hotel, this is cringe worthy and should be worth more than the 2.5 points.  Though with the 3 points from before, he’s up to 5.5 and has a solid lead.

Greg gets to go next and he has to hit his head one solid time against the wall.  It did sound like it hurt but, hell, he’s doing it to himself so you never know if there’s a bit of overacting going on :)

He ends up with 3 points and is tied for second place with Anthony.

Ian’s turn has him licking Ryan’s shoe from top to bottom for a huge 4 points.  And, for the disgusting factor alone, he deserves everything.  Mr. Hecox didn’t hesitate and got to taste some genuine sole food.

Making mom and dad proud with every YouTube subscriber!

Ryan, who is in last place, is up next and he has to smack a Razor Scooter into his shins.  With some practice, he gets it spinning fast and slams it into his leg resulting in 3 points from the crowd.  He’s now barely in second place with 4.5 points.

Anthony’s turn gets the absolute worse one for a big 4 points.  He has swallow soda that’s been swished in Will’s mouth.  OMG.  Yuck!!  I can barely write about this…barely…

Needless to say, he did it and now has a commanding 7 point lead.

Will now has to do a headstand in a bucket of ice water.  Not that crazy but still gets 2 points.  Personally, I think he embellished a bit too much, though he’s now in first place with 7.5.

Greg gets an odd dare to get smashed on the head blindfolded with 5 things.  The best part is watching him flinch, and then trying to figure out what he got hit with.  He got points for each hit and additional ones if he could guess what that item was.

He only got one right…the seafood crepe, which looks gross and quite non-delicious.  Greg was able to net out with 3.5 points and is now in third with 6.5.

Ian definitely gets the lamest dare next.  All he has to do is paint his fingernails rainbow colors.  Wow, soooooo challenging.  </sarcasm>

He got 3 points for this easy one.  Unreal…worth only 1 point from yours truly, Moonshine.

Ryan helps him out, after all, the Hawaii native came out with some great beauty tips in this YouTube classic Dear Ryan – Makeup Guru.

We end this round with Will’s leading 7.5 points followed closely by Anthony and Ian with 7.  Greg has 6.5 and poor Ryan has but 4.5 points.

Round 3 starts with Ryan’s dare of a sandwich made up of things found by the other guys.  They create a nasty treat of crushed butt muffin (watch the video for an explanation), old Subway cookies, dog food, weird salad, fragrance (kid you not) and Greg’s nipple hair.  A feast for kings.  And, all for a lowly 3.5 points.  He jumps to first with 8 points but that’s going to be short lived.

This is a sandwich that is probably the best smelling in the world, while also being the grossest.

Anthony gets another self-inflicted dare of slapping himself as hard as he can to leave a mark.  Without fail, he does it and the evidence is quite clear.  3 points are in the bag!  He jumps ahead with 10 total and is declared the winner.

Greg, on the other hand, is officially the loser and has to do the worst kind of exercising – 50 jumping jacks with a shoe duct taped to his face.  Poor dude.  Everyone tried out a whiff of the shoe first, and it gagged pretty much everyone.

He did it like a champ and I did feel bad for the guy but, man, was that funny.

I didn’t quite understand the rounds but this video had me cracking up and gagging the whole time.  Can’t wait for the next one!

Check out all the images in our gallery from the show.

If you haven’t subscribed to Nigahiga or Smosh, definitely do it today!

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