The Number One Venue for Pool and Billiards Sport Bar


Billiards is a sport that falls into the category of sports which require lots of concentration, so much needed resilience and a true understanding of your own mental and physical abilities. Excellence is also needed in order to be able to perform at high standards.

The sport is played on a special table and with different auxiliary equipment and its own regulations. The game is divided in several types, among which are Carom, English Billiard and Pool. It can be played individually or in teams. Although both use the 6-hole tables, the size of the table between English Billiard and Pool is different.

Previously in Thailand, billiards was synonymous with a sport that was mostly played by men. But today many women have become passionate with the sport. If you’re in the Kingdom of Thailand, consider visiting a pool and billiards sport bar in Bangkok. Hustlers Bangkok ( is the number one venue for pool players.