Best Store Solution Security Tag detachers insists that all retail shops need security tags & tag detachers to prevent theft of their items. This normally consists of a small product which emits a high-frequency radio signal. This can be disabled by the store. Since the signal is emitted all the time, no buyer can leave the shop without paying for the item, as the tag sets off an alarm at the exit point.

Most of the retail chain shops, super markets and libraries use the magnet security tag detachers. In this technology, a magnetic iron strip having an adhesive under layer is attached to the items. The strip is deactivated at the checkout point by a scanner which uses a magnetic field. Several of the online stores supplying these kinds of security tags even provide option for reactivating it. The metal wire has a high permeability so that the magnetic signals flow easily through it. Most of the online stores provide strong magnets.

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