The Best Fue Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Hair transplantation is a hair removal technique from haired pretty area to bald head area from the same person. In general, the hairy head area most dense and relatively not undergo the process of baldness is the rear, so often they will be used as donor areas. Method of removal was done by using a mini-micrograft or follicular unit transplantation, so the end result after the hair will grow very close to the natural.

Newly transplanted hair begins to grow normally three months after planting (new place adaptation period is 3 months) and the hair will grow normally and have the same properties as the origin of the hair where they will be taken. For example, if a donor comes from the back of the head, the hair is being moved to the bald part will have the same properties and durability such as head hair back, and will not follow the process of hair loss / baldness from the rest of the hair which may still take place in the bald area , Note also that during the adaptation period of 3 months, the transplanted hair can suffer loss, but this does not need to worry because the hair roots remain alive and remain will grow new hair.

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